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    DLP/LCD 3D printing slicer software for

    figure makers, engineers, and designers!

    Voxeldance Tango

    Personal edition

With the built-in preset parameters, even beginners can start to print with just one click.

One-stop solution for all your data preparation needs

with complete set of powerful features.





  • Even if you are a beginner, you can print successfully. Voxeldance Tango helps you eliminate the risk of failure.



  • Intelligent

    Just with a few clicks, you can automatically and effectively finish the data preparation. 

  • Efficient

    No matter how complicated the data is, Voxeldance Tango can process it quickly.

  • Intuitive

    User-friendly UX and UI design help you learn the software quickly and easily.

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"Compared with other 3D printing software, Voxeldance Tango makes the support generation easier and the verification less. Though I still verify every slicing layer, I won't feel insecure as before.”


                                                                                                                            ------Pu Jinghao, figure maker

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"Compared with other 3D printing software in the market, Voxeldance Tango is more in line with the needs of dental applications. It's simple and easier to use for beginners. The future can be expected."


------ Sales engineer, Liang Hanjun 


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  • Hollow models precisely without errors. Even if the model is generated supports, you can still hollow it.


    Remarkable Hollow

  • Auto Repair

    Repair corrupted models with one click. 

    Say goodbye to the bad edges, holes, bad orientation, and intersections. 

  • Hollow baseplates

    Automatic generate baseplate with holes, which can be easily removed and save material.

  • With just one click, 2d nest all the parts automatically and quickly.

    2D Nesting

  • Honeycomb Structure

    Add honeycomb structure automatically with one click.

  • Fast Slicing

    In addition to the fast slicing speed, slicing options for anti-aliasing, gray level, and blur level can reduce print grain patterns and improve the surfaces quality of the model.

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